Your Root Chakra

The root chakra, or Muladhara (Mūlādhāra), sits at the base of your spine near the tail bone, and “its corresponding body parts are the perineum, the first three vertebrae, [and] the pelvic plexus.” This particular chakra energy is that of the earth and is connected with grounding and security. It is the chakra that “lays the foundation for expansion of your life.” The corresponding color for the root chakra is red, and it is portrayed as a four-leafed lotus flower.

The root chakra is really associated with anything that brings stability into life, which include basic needs–food, water, shelter–and the emotional needs of letting go of fear, it is associated with the physical state of being, and overall survival. This chakra also works to open and align the chakras above it since it is the base and foundation of the seven principle chakras.

A harmonious root chakra keeps one feeling safe, secure, energetic, confident, and content. On the flip side, an imbalanced root chakra can cause depression, anxiety, arrogance, fear, and low self-confidence. If you feel anxious, sad, lonely, or scared you may need to align and harmonize the root chakra. There are many ways to balance your root chakra:

  1. Focus on red–Envisioning red at the base of your spine brings your awareness to your root. This can then allow you to bring your breath to your root to help feel calm and safe. When you breathe see the red start to extend from your tailbone all the way to the earth grabbing onto the earth grounding you and securing you. When you see yourself hooked to the earth with the red light feel that safety and warmth of the earth. Continue to breathe until you’re ready to open your eyes.
  2. Walk barefoot–Walking outside barefoot allows you to connect and truly feel the earth. This is a wonderful example of grounding. Your feet connect to the earth. You feel the dirt, grass, sand, and/or water and are brought into a present and mindful state. This brings a calm to your chakra, which calms your body.
  3. Use essential oils–There are essential oils connected to each chakra. The best essential oils to help bring your root chakra back into balance are cedarwood, frankincense, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, and spikenard to name a few.  Cedarwood is calming and combats negativity, which is essential when trying to align a root chakra back to positivity. Frankincense is calming and relaxing; many times the root chakra is imbalanced due to stress. Patchouli, vetiver, and sandalwood all have calming properties as well as positive energy.
  4. Use crystals–The best crystals for the root chakra are red carnelian (cleansing), red jasper (balancing), bloodstone (repels negativity), black tourmaline (spiritual balancing), and obsidian (protecting). There is no scientific proof crystals aid in healing, but on a metaphysical and energetic level the energy of the earth resides in crystals and that energy is then absorbed into our energy field to aid in healing. As mentioned in my blog your thoughts are powerful so if your thoughts are on the crystals then your energy and intention are on the crystal, which can help with healing.
  5. Get a massage–Yes, yes, the massage therapist is suggesting a massage, but in all seriousness massage can aid in calming, feeling secure, and feeling grounded. If you feel your root chakra needs balanced, ask your massage therapist to focus on the feet, legs, and glutes in order to ground you and bring the energy of the root chakra back into harmony. You can always book with me and request a root chakra massage in the notes.

Your root chakra is your foundation, your base, your connection to the earth. If you don’t have a strong foundation the rest of you will feel like it’s tumbling. Starting your healing at the bottom helps in healing at the top. Meditation, focus, intention, awareness, and even yoga help aid in your healing. Keep your base strong.

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