They are Family

This week I got a big scare with my dog, Hermione. For a little back-story, my husband and I adopted her 6 years ago when she was approximately 6 weeks old. She was found in a hoarder home in New Mexico with her mom and her sister. We took her home, and I was instantly in love. I named her Hermione because I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and know that Border Collies are smart, and being that Hermione is the smart and clever character, it just fit her.


She was not an easy puppy—she chewed on everything (my bookcase still has puppy teeth marks on one of the legs), she was a digger, and she had (and still has) an attitude. But, I was right in choosing her name. She is very smart. She picked up the Frisbee quickly, she learned tricks easily, and, when she wants to, she will train (but it is more on her terms). Hermione is notorious for her grumpiness. If she is sleeping and you walk by her she will growl (never in a mean way, but in a way to say, “How dare you disturb my sleep?”). She does have minor food aggression, which we attribute to her difficult start in life. And she loves to bark and sing the song of her people at the slightest noise. Despite her faults, she is a sweetie. She gives “Miney hugs” meaning she will lean her head against your leg and relax as you give her love and pets. She has her people—my husband, my son, my friends, and me—she adores and would protect should anyone try anything shady. She’s clever and knows how to manipulate the system to get her way. I sometimes get annoyed with her smarts but then chuckle because she is so smart and uses that to be naughty.


On Sunday, after a beautiful fall walk, she became very lethargic and started getting sick all over the floor. This morning she got sick outside and refused to eat breakfast, so I called the vet and they said to come in as soon as I could. At first they thought it might be a blockage (but that’s not one of the bad things Hermione does; she doesn’t eat weird things). Her X-Rays came back negative and her blood work was okay. They are thinking pancreatitis, or worse…cancer. The vet said she is young and Borders typically are not cancer prone but she doesn’t want to rule that out because Hermione has had gradual weight loss since August and this is the 4th time since July that she has had stomach issues. My heart sank. All those times I got mad at her for barking, pulling on her leash, or just being a dog made me feel sad, guilty, and just heartbroken. I then remembered what I’ve been writing about for the past few months—healing comes from within, forgiveness of oneself is healing, and acceptance is healing. Healing is self-love and self-care, even when it is difficult to endure. No matter what the diagnosis, I know my husband and I gave her a good home, she is spoiled, she has fun, and she is very loved. I ask the Divine that it is nothing serious (at the very least, pancreatitis would just require a special diet for the rest of her life, but wouldn’t be a death sentence). This is raw for me. We all have faced the potential loss of a loved one and most of us have lost loved ones. Our companion animals are no different; they are family. I’m hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. I take her back in tomorrow, hence the early blog, for a follow up exam and to determine what is going on. I ask for love and light to surround my girl. Thank you all for your love, support, and for being with me not only as a businesswoman and business owner but as a person.

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