The Throat Chakra

We are now on the fifth chakra, the throat chakra, or Viśuddha. It is located at the center of the throat. Its corresponding color is blue. This particular chakra, when in harmony, centers on expression and communication (both speaking and listening). An imbalanced throat chakra can lead to sore throats, hoarseness, dental problems, thyroid issues, and and neck pain. When experiencing a throat chakra that’s out of balance one may talk too much, can be manipulative, and even turn to lying. The throat chakra is our communication center, so it’s important to keep this chakra healthy in order to speak and listen to people with whom we agree and disagree. Here are some ways to bring balance back to your throat chakra or keep it in balance:

  1. Think blue – Focus on the color of the chakra. Blue can bring a calming effect to your thoughts and words. When you see the color blue fill up your throat, mouth, and ears you automatically start to feel a release and feel your center open up and become balanced. Bringing up some green light from your heart to meet the blue will also help you communicate with love and peace. Speaking from the heart will keep your throat chakra harmonious.
  2. Practice yoga – Again, yoga is a great way to balance any of the chakras. Sometimes when our throats are blocked it is vital to add in some poses to open up the neck. Some poses include fish pose, baby cobra, and shoulder stand. These particular poses work the neck, chest, and shoulders to bring an openness to your throat chakra.
  3. Essential oils – Using essential oils like chamomile, bergamot, peppermint, and cypress help the throat chakra be open and expressive in a compassionate and caring way. Using these oils can help calm your mind and allow you to think before you speak, which is an integral part of effective communication.
  4. Crystals – Using crystals can help calm your throat chakra and/or open it up to better communication skills. Beneficial crystals for your throat chakra include angelite, aquamarine, blue lace agate, and lapis to name a few. These stones can help facilitate clear communication and allow you to authentically express yourself.
  5. Massage – And you thought I would forget? Nope, I got to get it in here somewhere. But remember, massage is beneficial in healing not only your physical body but your mental state as well. Your throat chakra is unique because it touches on both the physical and mental–physically your larynx allows you to speak and mentally your words can affect you and those around you. Massage of the neck (anterior and posterior), shoulders, and head help bring balance back into your throat chakra and rid you of the pain a blocked throat chakra may have caused. Plus, in receiving a massage you are in a meditative state which allows you to come to a state of awareness and mindfulness, both of which aid you in communicating effectively. When you are aware and mindful of your words then you are able to communicate with love, compassion, and empathy.
  6. Speak with a confidant – Having a trustworthy person with whom you can be open and honest allows you to practice mindful speech. When you talk honestly with someone then you are allowing your throat chakra to open up and be in balance. Whereas when you are closed off and don’t practice open speaking you shut down this chakra, which can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication.

Your throat chakra is the first of the top three chakras, those that connect us to our inner divinity and the divine. Therefor, this chakra is powerful and needs to remain in balance so we can communicate with love and compassion. Bringing energy from your heart chakra allows that bridge to be made so that our words and thoughts come from a place of love rather than judgment. Stay open, be authentic, and express yourself with love.

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