The Third Eye Chakra

We now come to the sixth chakra, the third eye chakra, or Ajna (Ājñā). This chakra is located right between the eyebrows and takes the symbol of a two-leafed lotus flower. Its corresponding color is indigo. The third eye is said to be a person’s sixth sense, center of intuition, and signifies a person’s subconscious. This chakra also governs the pineal gland, imagination, memory, and vision. This chakra is our insight into the mind as well as the universe of which we are all a part. When in balance the third eye chakra puts both hemispheres of the brain into “synchronicity“–creativity is in harmony with logic. When out of balance this particular chakra can cause anxiety, migraines, depression, high blood pressure, judgment, and lack of intuition among other things. Here are some ways to bring harmony into the third eye chakra:

  1. See indigo – This is the color of the chakra, so lighting a candle of this color, wearing indigo, or simply closing your eyes and seeing this color in your mind’s eye is a great way to bring harmony back to this particular energy center. This can help relax you and allow your chakra to heal.
  2. Crystals – There are several crystals that can easily bring harmony back into your third eye chakra. Fluorite stones cleanse and bring positivity to your chakra. Shungite stones neutralize energy and allow you to heal emotions and your energy. Lapis connects a person to a “higher truth” and brings awareness to your third eye chakra. Amethyst is known to enhance intuition. You can place these crystals near you while meditating, wear them, or keep them next to your bed while you sleep to bring positive energy into your subconscious.
  3. Essential oils –  Some essential oils that can help bring harmony into the third eye chakra include frankincense, sandalwood, clary sage, vetiver, and patchouli. These can help clear your memory and bring back a sense of spirituality and connectedness with your inner divinity.
  4. Practice yoga – Yoga, as with each of the chakras, can bring harmony into this chakra. Poses that allow you to touch your third eye are essential because this is stimulating and harmonizing to this energy center and helps with healing. Some helpful poses include standing forward bend (this taps the third eye, which brings about awareness and allows blood to flow to the third eye), head to knee pose (seated forward folds relax the third eye and allow blood and oxygen to fill up the third eye to bring about healing and activation in this chakra), dolphin (it brings a sense of balance and can help alleviate stress–a symptom of an imbalanced third eye chakra), and child’s pose (this pose allows the forehead to tap the floor and release negativity and accept positivity from the earth).
  5. Massage (strikes again) – We all know by now I’m going to recommend this and, again, it’s because there are benefits. Massage can help heal headaches and manage that pain. Migraines and headaches are associated with a blocked third eye-chakra so receiving massage to help alleviate your headaches can in fact open up this chakra. Since massage is meditative it can help eliminate depression and anxiety since you are in a calm and relaxing state. This can help your third eye chakra come into harmony. If you feel you have a blocked third eye chakra, shoulder, neck, and head massages are what you would want your therapist to focus on.
  6. Meditate – The third eye chakra is your sight into the universe. It’s a way to see and feel the energy of Spirit. Meditation allows your third eye chakra to open up and allows you to see the messages the universe has for you. Close your eyes. Breathe. Allow the breath to come into your stomach, through your chest, all the way to your forehead. Hold it at the top and then exhale. See the indigo light surround your head and flow out up to the stars, the planets, the universe. See where it takes you. Listen. Stay quiet. Breathe.

Have a wonderful, light filled week. Remember to listen to your intuition. When you practice listening to your intuition you’re opening your third eye chakra.

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