The Solar Plexus

Your Solar Plexus chakra, or Manipura (Maṇipūra), is the third chakra located just above the naval at your core. It translates to “jewel city.” Its corresponding color is yellow and/or gold, its element is fire, and takes the symbol of a 10-petaled lotus flower. This particular chakra is known as your power center and your center for self-confidence.

When your solar plexus is balanced you feel happy, confident, and emotionally well-rounded and harmonious. The solar plexus is the power house because it is within our core, the power house of our bodies, so it is vital to keep this chakra strong so our bodies can remain strong. When imbalanced, one may feel unable to concentrate, stressed, and generally out of control. If you are experiencing an imbalance the physical manifestations may be weight problems, diabetes, eating disorders, and liver disease to name a few, as well as the emotional manifestations of anxiety and depression. Harmony in the solar plexus can be restored in several ways:

  1. See yellow – Since the color for this chakra is yellow focusing on this color can bring instant life to this chakra. When you focus on yellow your awareness goes to your solar plexus. You can visualize yellow light starting at your naval and spreading downward, upward, and outward in your entire body. As you visualize this happen notice the feelings that encircle you as you see the yellow light surround your being. Notice the happiness and self-confidence wash over you. Wearing yellow is also a wonderful way to bring that color and joy to you because it reminds you to stay focused on keeping the solar plexus open and healthy.
  2. Use essential oils – There are a number of essential oils you can use to bring about harmony in your solar plexus. Many of these are warming oils, which corresponds to the solar plexus being of the element of fire. Some essential oils you can use are: black pepper, cinnamon, clove, ginger, lemongrass, mandarin, peppermint, and ylang ylang. Diffusing is a wonderful way to reap the benefits of the oils, and you can apply them topically to your stomach, but make sure to use a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or coconut oil to avoid skin irritation.
  3. Use crystals – Crystals associated in healing the solar plexus include: amber, citrine, sunstone, and golden topaz. Either carrying these on your person or simply having them next to your bed can bring in the energy from the earth to help heal your solar plexus.
  4. Eat well – Foods that aid in digestion help balance the solar plexus. Some good foods are legumes, spices (ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric), as well as yellow foods like bananas, lemons, corn, and pineapple.
  5. Receive Reiki – Reiki is a wonderful way to clear energy. It can help you remove blocks that may be causing the imbalance within your solar plexus. The energy that Reiki provides allows for the solar plexus to heal and allows the receiver to feel safe. It also helps put the receiver in a meditative state, which can help with balance and ease.
  6. Get outside – Walking in the sunlight is extremely beneficial to the solar plexus since its element is fire. The sun will revive a dormant or closed solar plexus and bring about joy. The sun also provides vitamin D, which when deficient can lead to anxiety and depression (both of which correspond to an under-active solar plexus).
  7. Receive an abdominal massage – I strike again with the massage suggestion, but an abdominal massage can restore the solar plexus back into balance. The core is easily overworked and eventually weakened especially when the majority of people have desk jobs. The core works and finally becomes weak because holding one posture all day brings about fatigue. So, abdominal massage can restore those muscles and it warms the body, in turn warming the solar plexus (the element is fire, remember). A low and mid back massage will also help with the solar plexus and core as a whole. The warming touch of massage naturally encourages the fire element to ignite.
  8. Practice yoga and yogic breathing – Yoga can help uplift this chakra and bring about joy. Ujjayi breath, or pranayamic breathing, is a technique in which you breathe in through your nose first filling up the belly up to the chest then to the head, and then releasing that breath out of your nose. While doing this you constrict the back of your throat to make an oceanic noise in your breathing. This type of breathing warms the body and since you are breathing into your belly, you are breathing into your solar plexus igniting that fire and balancing the chakra. Several poses to help harmonize the solar plexus include plank (this is a core-centered pose), Warrior III, bow pose, child’s pose, and corpse pose. Since the solar plexus also aids in digestion, twisting poses are also beneficial to help move the toxins out of your system. The ujjayi breath can be used throughout an entire yoga practice to keep your body warm.

Our power house is the last of the bottom three chakras. It is the top of the foundation before we go into the top chakras. If the foundation has cracks, the entire being will have cracks. Therefor, being aware and mindful of our foundations and how to bring about harmony will better serve you and allow you to feel strong, healthy, and happy. Affirm your power and confidence by saying, “I’m a confident, divine being. All is as it should be. I am strong.” Love and light to you.

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