The Sacral Chakra

This week is the week of the sacral chakra or, Svadhisthana (Svādhiṣṭhāna). It is located within your pelvic bowl below your naval and at the lumbar vertebrae in the back. The main characteristics for this chakra are: emotions, relationships, expressions and feelings of sexuality, creativity, and fantasies. This chakra is the energy center of our emotions. This is the chakra that allows us to feel the world around us. The element connected to the sacral chakra is water, it is portrayed as a six-leafed lotus flower, and the corresponding color is orange.

A harmonious sacral chakra allows one to feel creative and expressive, light and happy, open to feeling emotions and working through emotions, and feel comfortable sexually. If the sacral chakra is blocked then one may feel bored, uninspired, experience a low sex drive, resistant to change, and, physically, one may experience bladder/urinary problems, increased allergies, addictive behaviors, and reproductive issues (painful menstruation, for example). Bringing the sacral chakra back into harmony can be done in several ways:

  1. Feel happiness–The sacral chakra is really about being in balance with your inner-happiness, so a wonderful way to bring in sacral chakra harmony is to have fun–dance, laugh, play, practice yoga, and/or sing to bring this chakra back into harmony.
  2. Focus on orange–Since the corresponding color for this chakra is orange, focusing on and even wearing orange can help bring this chakra back into harmony. The chakra’s element is water, so close your eyes and imagine the orange light coursing through your body like a river and filling you up with the peaceful orange glow. See the light start at your pelvic bowl and ripple upward, downward, and outward throughout your entire body.
  3. Practice yoga–There are specific poses to bring balance to this chakra, which include the sun salutations. Going through the salutations can bring about balance and grounding to this and all the chakras.
  4. Wear or keep crystals–Shungite is wonderful for eliminating negativity, which can bring harmony within the sacral chakra since it is the center for happiness. Tangerine quartz helps balance the emotions. The sacral chakra is the emotional energy center and when out of balance can cause anxiety and depression, but using tangerine quartz can help bring about balance and peace to the emotions. Carnelian stones are also wonderful for the sacral chakra since they help with confidence and creativity.
  5. Utilize essential oils–If your sacral chakra is dormant, cardamom can awaken the chakra because it is spicy and warming. Ylang ylang and neroli bring calming effects to an over-active chakra since both assist with anxiety. Sweet orang essential oil and sandalwood maintain sacral chakra balance. All of these oils can be found online or at your local apothecary shop.
  6. Eat the right foods–Oranges, peaches, and other fleshy fruits help bring about and maintain sacral chakra harmony. Oranges and peaches are the color of the sacral chakra so this automatically helps bring the chakra back into balance. Seeds are perfect because seeds correspond to reproduction, which in turn align with the sacral chakra because it is the energy center of sexuality. Any seed will help bring the chakra back into alignment–pumpkin, hemp, sunflower, and pomegranate to name a few. Coconuts can help with energy and inspiration, while teas and broths (clear liquids) are healing to the chakra.
  7. Get a massage–I strike again with the recommendation for massage. But, the chakra is connected to emotional well-being, trust, and mindfulness in the body, all of which can be brought about in a massage. If you are showing yourself self-care and love, you are bringing about your own happiness and sacral chakra balance. Massage is also meditative, which can align not only the sacral but all of the chakras. If you feel you need alignment in your sacral chakra ask your massage therapist to focus on your low back and even abdominal muscles to bring about healing within this chakra.

The sacral chakra is a beautiful center within us because it is very human in nature but also very divine. It is a perfect union of our humanness–emotions, sexuality, and feeling– and our inner divinity–joy, peace, and calm. In keeping this chakra aligned and harmonious, you are working to keep your entire being aligned. Enjoy your sacral chakra and wear orange this week. Stay bright and joyful.

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