The Heart Chakra

It’s serendipitous the heart chakra landed this week during this chakra series. Since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day it’s as though Spirit planned this perfectly. But, this is more than showing love and opening your heart chakra, or Anahata (Anāhata), for Valentine’s Day. This is about opening this fourth chakra for the entire year and beyond so you can feel loved, be love, and be in harmony.

The fourth chakra is located at the heart, in the center of the chest. It’s corresponding color is green, it takes the shape of a 12-leafed lotus flower, and it’s element is air. It’s the center chakra bridging the earth and spirit (the lower three chakras with the top three). When the heart chakra is balanced, you feel loved, you easily give love and compassion, you are empathetic, giving, and open. When imbalanced, you can feel defensive, controlling, angry, withdrawn, and scared to let go of that which no longer serves you. Here are some ways to open up and balance the heart chakra so you can easily give love and feel love because when you can do this you feel at peace and pure happiness.

  1. Green – Focus on the color green. Since green is the corresponding color for this particular chakra wearing green or focusing on green will help bring your awareness to the chakra to open it up. Green is also the color of healing and how fitting that our hearts would relate to healing. A strong heart center means you are healthy and can be an example of love and healing to others. Close your eyes and focus on the most brilliant green. See it at the center of your chest. See that green go up and down your body and then imagine that green shooting forth from your heart to the whole world, wrapping around the earth, and then coming back to you. Know that when you send love it comes back to you two-fold. Feel peace and breathe into your chest.
  2. YogaPractice yoga. Yoga is a wonderful way to open up that heart chakra. Several heart opening poses include camel pose, upward dog, wheel, and sphinx. Any backbend pose will allow your chest to come forward and bring the gift of receiving to your heart.
  3. Show love – This means showing love to yourself and others. By showing random acts of kindness to loved ones and strangers your heart automatically ignites and sends light to those around you; again, showing love comes back to you. Showing yourself love can be harder (especially if you struggle with low self-esteem), but you can start small–take a bath and listen to soothing music, write a note to yourself that expresses love, take a walk, and practice yoga.
  4. Essential oils – Great oils for opening your heart include geranium, lavender, rose, ylang ylang, cypress, and neroli. You can dilute any one of these in fractionated coconut oil and rub them on your chest and wrists. Or, you can diffuse while taking a bath or practicing yoga (make sure to be careful diffusing around cats because some oils are not safe for kitties). The link above includes a full list of oils to avoid when diffusing around cats.
  5. CrystalsStones that help balance the heart include rose quartz (brings unconditional love and peace), emerald (it’s a calming stone), rhodonite (an emotional balancing stone brings love and peace to the body and mind), and green aventurine (a heart healer and emotional balancer). Wearing these or just keeping them close will bring their energy to you and help you feel balanced and loved.
  6. Massage – Here I go again. By now you probably expect that I’ll suggest this, but I promise there is good reason! Massage is wonderful self-care; it’s a way to show yourself love. It’s a way to receive from a practitioner who is there to help you. Thai massage offers many heart opening poses because it has roots in Hatha Yoga, and it also brings calming energy when you feel imbalanced and stuck. When receiving your massage you can focus on your self-love and simply practice the act of receiving love and care. Any time you feel you need more self-love and healing you can come and see me. I offer that safe space and help put you in a meditative state, which is healing as well.
  7. Forgive – Forgiveness is about letting go, not agreeing with whatever was done to you. In letting go and removing pain, you open up space in your heart to receive love and to give it. Letting go can be difficult, but it is essential and I offer tips in my blog on resolution.

Your heart chakra bridges the lower three chakras and the upper three–the earth and Spirit. Having a balanced, harmonious heart chakra is vital so you can feel and be love. We are all divine beings of light who sometimes succumb to the ego, but in balancing that heart we come back to our inner divinity and are better able to help others and ourselves in being compassionate beings.

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