The Art of Grounding

Lately I’ve had several clients ask me what grounding is and how to do it. Grounding, also known as “earthing”, essentially is a way to become centered in your body and with the Earth herself. When you connect to your body you are truly in touch with your feelings and your mind, and that energy is then transferred into Mother Earth. When grounding and connecting to Mother Earth you are receiving her energy as well. The Earth has electrical energy flowing through her, which transfers into our bodies when we walk barefoot, touch a tree with our hands, garden, etc. When we receive this energy it resets our “bioelectrical circuitry” that assist in controlling our bodies and in turn this helps eliminate depression, sleep disorders, and boost overall well-being.


When feeling ungrounded one can feel unsafe, anxious, and fearful. This can be connected to a dysfunctional root chakra, our center of safety and grounding. The root chakra can be looked at as the foundation of our being. If there is a crack in the foundation of a building, it will be unstable. So it is with an unbalanced root chakra. If there is dysfunction in this chakra, the others will not be stable. It is important to maintain a healthy root chakra so as to feel safe, secure, and happy.

There are several techniques to ground and maintain that energy you gain from Mother Earth:

  1. Go outside and stand on the grass, the sand, the dirt, or whatever is available with your shoes off. Close your eyes and visualize energy (light) coming up from Mother Earth into your feet and moving through your body. Imagine your root chakra (it’s color is red) at the base of your spine connecting to that light swirling within your body.
  2. Go for a hike or a walk. Simply walking among the trees, flowers, animals, etc. is a wonderful way to connect to Mother Earth. Not only are you connecting to the Earth but you are receiving vitamin D from the sun, you are getting your heart-rate up, which boosts circulation and health, and you are focused on the task at hand rather than other daily anxieties.
  3. Sit next to a tree. When you sit next to a tree you are still receiving that energy from the Earth. Imagine its roots wrapping around you like a hug connecting you to your mother.
  4. Eat grounding foods. Root vegetables are wonderful for grounding (beets, turnips, potatoes). Red beets are the color of your root chakra, so this particular root vegetable is a wonderful way to activate your chakra. It is also a food rich in iron, so it’s great for your blood.
  5. Meditate and set the intention to be grounded. Close your eyes in a quiet space. Focus on roots extending down from your root chakra, down your legs, out of your feet, and going all the way to the Earth’s core. Imagine the energy coming up from the core through your roots. Feel that connection. Feel the love the Earth has for you because she keeps you safe, she catches you when you fall, she is home. Breathe and continue to focus on rooting into the Earth until you are ready to come back.

Grounding has many benefits mentally and physically. When we feel grounded our anxiety level lowers, which brings down the stress hormone levels. As mentioned in my meditation blog, stress hormones are linked to causing illness and pain. If you are feeling anxious or fearful, try to ground and connect with Mother Earth. She will help you feel right again.

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