Release Through Reiki, Massage, and Self-care

This past weekend Amanda Gardiner, of Intuitive Nature, and I hosted a meditation workshop and we discussed releasing detrimental thoughts and working with energy, so what you desire will come about through the quantum field. We discussed how amazing your body is at doing things we don’t think about–pumping your blood, regenerating cells, digesting your food, etc.–and how your thoughts, negative and positive, have an affect on your body. Much like my blog on thoughts, we discussed how one can rewire the brain to work to your benefit to heal your body and mind and let go of that which no longer serves you.

Thoughts can start out and remain singular or become beliefs when there is a cluster of thoughts around a particular issue. For example the thought, “My knee hurts,” can stay solitary if there is a day where you have knee pain because you twisted your leg. Or, this thought could eventually evolve into a belief due to the thoughts of, “My knee hurts because my dad has bad knees,” “Bad knees run in my family,” “I will never have a good knee because my family has never had good knees.” This becomes a belief about a particular issue, in this case, a knee problem. “[Your belief system has to change in order to heal…” (Allen-LeBlanc 39). Oftentimes we become attached to our beliefs; they come to define us. And, many come to be addicted to negative stress hormones much like becoming addicted to sugar, caffeine, or drugs.  So letting go can be difficult but definitely can be done with practice. For some it may seem to come easier but the key, no matter if it seems difficult or easy, is visualization. When you visualize you change and rewire your brain, you tap into that neuroplasticity and then you start to manifest because you are throwing your thoughts and visualizations into the quantum field (that field of energy surrounding us all–from our tiny cells to the planets) and you begin to change your beliefs at a biological level in causing your brain to stop and rewire.

One wonderful way to start changing those beliefs and getting your mind to a calm state to rewire your brain is through Reiki. Reiki utilizes the energy that is within us all (everything is energy and energy is everything) to help guide the body to self-heal. It allows your body to shift into a state of being present and mindful so change and healing can take place. Reiki can help bring a person into a quiet state and allow the body and mind to remember that self-healing can happen. Reiki allows a person to truly release because the energy moves and flows, and much like meditation it stops the brain from focusing on the detrimental beliefs.

Combined with Reiki massage is another beneficial way to dive deep into the thought changing and healing process. Massage is meditative and in circulating the blood, the lymph, and releasing muscle tension it allows a person to go into a state of relaxation and calm. The energy work with Reiki helps keep the mind calm if there is a lot of muscle tension or pain that needs released. Even with the therapist working to relieve the muscles, it’s not her or him releasing the pain, it’s your body remembering it can let go. This memory within your body triggers your mind to let go of those beliefs and you can really begin to heal.

Changing your thoughts and beliefs, experiencing Reiki, and getting massage are all examples of self-care and self-love. Self-love is not “[giving] into the idea that you are a victim and cannot free yourself from suffering” (Fairchild 169). Rather, self-love is seeing your worth. When you see your worth and see the awesomeness that is your body, mind, and spirit you begin to understand your inner power. That inner power within you is healing. That inner power is within us all and can heal you. All you need to do is look in the mirror and say, “I am a powerful being capable of healing,” and your brain will take a step back, your body will pause, and you will feel that energy, that flow, and you will then have that belief, even if it’s a belief the size of a crumb. That crumb will shake your world. Take care of you.

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Meditation and Its Power

Meditation is a powerful tool that benefits both the mind and body. Meditation is shown to decrease blood pressure, decrease tension and pain, increase serotonin, increase immune function, and increase energy on a physical level. On a mental level meditation lowers beta waves (where the information is processed in the brain) and increases alpha waves (those connected to coherence), the frontal and parietal lobes slow (sensory, reasoning, and processing), and the nervous system overall comes to a restful state. This helps decrease anxiety and depression, increase creativity, increase focus, and there is an overall clarity of mind.

Mindfulness focuses on being present in the moment. For example, when practicing mindfulness meditation the goal is to let go of all thought. So, one focuses on the breath or a certain noise in the room and whenever a thought comes into the mind the meditator states, “Thinking,” and watches that thought drift away. One then comes back to focusing on that particular noise or action (the breath, for example).

Intuitive meditation is that which is similar to going into a dream state. When one practices intuitive meditation she/he may focus on aligning the chakras (energy centers within the body along the spine) and go through each color, and when complete, see where their guides, spirit, etc. take them on their journey. In this dream-like state the meditator again lets go of all thought and worry, then learns and enjoys what one may learn from wherever one went, so to speak.

Yoga is meditation through movement. The meditator practices and goes through different poses focusing on the breath and the movement. Their mind lets go and the practitioner is able to solely focus on the moment, the yoga.

When receiving massage–be it Thai, Swedish, deep tissue, foot, etc.–the receiver goes into a state of calm, rest, and meditation. The massage therapist is also in a state of being focusing on the muscles, what the receiver needs, and following her/his intuition as to where to go next within the sequence of the massage. There is a give and take happening between the LMT and the client, the receiver, because of the energy exchange that naturally takes place during the massage.

For example, a client comes to her massage therapist’s office and is feeling frazzled, anxious, and even pain manifested from these feelings. The therapist allows the client to settle onto the Thai mat or massage table and asks the client to take 3 deep breaths. The client’s body starts to relax. Once the session begins, the therapist stays calm and helps the client’s energy come down and in turn. The therapist remains grounded, or present in the moment, which helps the client do the same. As the client matches the energy of the therapist, so too does the therapist match the client and the two fall into sync and help one another stay calm and present. It is during this time that the therapist can facilitate self-healing within the client. When one is in a meditative state, self-healing is easier to achieve because the ego, the mind, is quiet and is unable to dissuade one from that healing energy and say it is not possible. Instead the quiet mind allows the body to absorb healing energy and stay in the present moment of self-healing.

Meditation is a wonderful tool everyone is able to practice, even if for 5 minutes per day in order to quiet the mind and allow for peace. A wonderful app, Insight Timer, is available on iPhones and Droids. There are guided meditations or a simple timer in which one can choose music and the length of time the meditation will take place. It then tracks the progress of the meditator. There are guided meditations as short as a minute and as long as a couple of hours. There are theta wave meditations, sleep meditations, gratitude meditations, and so on. It is wonderful for beginners and long-time practitioners.

Enjoy meditating and remember you can always slip into a meditation on a massage table and/or mat to quiet your mind and allow for calm, peaceful energy.