These past couple of weeks have been quite interesting for me personally. I’ve literally been on the move with work (marketing, expanding, and growing–I’m so grateful!), moved homes (significantly downsized and minimized, which is freeing in so many ways), and made movement spiritually (meditating even more, reading more, and learning about manifestation and really going with the flow of the universe). So, this brings the question to mind, how does movement benefit our highest and best good?

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Movement allows for growth. When we are moving–figuratively and literally–we are in a state of allowing for change, which brings about learning and evolution. There’s research to back how movement benefits children in education, and it would prove true in adult life. Movement makes us more productive in the work force. No matter what the job is, it’s important to get up, get outside, and/or stretch. Movement in learning helps us process and retain new information. In researching spiritual practices, I will read, journal, and then get up for a walk. All the while thinking about what I’ve learned, and I find it “sticks” better than if I just read a book and don’t take time to really process it.

Just as it is beneficial to meditate and slow down for our minds and bodies, so is it to move and be active. According to Harvard Medical School, movement (exercise, yoga, walking) decreases the symptoms of depression. Harvard discusses the body mind connection and how movement can actually improve your thoughts and help you feel better.  So using movement in conjunction with slowing down in meditation creates a balance for your mind and body allowing you feel whole, happy, and restored. Personally, I love yoga and running. Running for me is very grounding, yet challenging. While yoga is challenging, yet meditative. I add these in with a morning meditation and an evening meditation (they can be as little as 5 minutes long or as long as 30 minutes), and I truly feel like a whole human being.


Moving homes, spaces, etc. is also beneficial because it allows you to start anew. I’m not suggesting everyone drop everything, move out of their homes, and start over. If that’s available to you, great. Moving allows you to purge things you no longer need. But, you don’t need to move homes in order to purge. Donate old clothes, old furniture, etc. to your local thrift store or charity. If you cannot move physical homes, you can move your space around. Look into Feng shui and how you could move your furniture within your current space to feel at peace and renewed. Sometimes moving a chair to the other side of the room is all you need to feel better, to feel more at home. Whatever works for you, create your space and move so you can have more mental clarity.

Movement is as powerful as resting. Movement keeps our minds sharp, our bodies, strong, and our spirits alive. Keep calm and balance it with movement.

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