Is Manifestation Possible?

Several of my clients have been discussing the idea of manifestation–the ability to focus on something and bring it into your reality–and some have said they can do it easily and enjoy it, while others struggle with this idea. Many, including myself at times, feel they aren’t worthy of manifesting whatever it is they want or even need. It can also be a difficult concept to grasp: that anyone on this planet can work alongside the Universe and bring wants and needs to ourselves at any time. So, how does this work? Is it even possible?

Manifestation is about setting an intention and releasing control. The fun thing about manifesting what you want and need is those wants and needs come to us in the oddest, yet simplest of ways. The main thing to do is really focus on that which you desire. Be clear. Your thoughts¬†are powerful and have the ability to create your reality. A simple example of this would be, “Mondays are terrible.” And, you will see that your Monday turns out “terrible”–maybe the barista at your coffee shop got your order wrong, traffic was worse than normal, etc. If you change it and think, “Mondays are easy,” even if those things above still take place, your perception is changed and the day flows easier because you can let go of the little annoyances. This is one way of creating reality–your perception and how you view the world around you shapes your reality.


The intention behind your manifestation is key as well. If you are wanting more money so you can buy a race car and show off to your friends, that’s probably not the purest intention. Whereas if you want to manifest money to help your family live comfortably and donate to charity and help others, the intention is from a place of love rather than ego.

Conscious manifestation means taking back our power in working with the Universe rather than relying on “coincidences or luck.” The 9 principals of conscious manifestation are: have a vision (a clear goal or direction), have a strong desire (this fuels the vision), have a clear intention (this “gives a clear direction to your goal”), have an unflappable belief (disbelief blocks manifestation, so believe you are worthy), acceptance (this is accepting that what you manifest is already yours), take aligned actions (align your actions with your goal; co-create with the Universe, take steps to show that you believe your manifestation is already yours), detach (this is difficult at times, but necessary; you must release control and have faith that it will come to you exactly as it is best for you), support yourself (focus on your dreams and living the life you crave), and be as clear as a laser beam (complete focus on what it is you want).


A wonderful way to be clear and focus on the goal, intention, etc. is through journaling. Simply writing down what you want is a beautiful way to let the Universe and yourself know what you desire. Another way, one that works best for me, is through daydreaming. I will sit for minutes at a time, or while I’m driving, and play scenarios through my head of what I want. Though, I do let the scenarios go once I’ve played through them because I know that they will come to me as they are meant to. One principal of manifestation that can prove difficult for people is feeling you are worthy of whatever your manifesting and believing it’s yours. We all have traumas that can make us doubt our worth as human beings. A way to move past those traumas so you can have self-worth, and manifest, is through feeling your emotions and going through each trauma to heal pieces of your soul. Then you can find your inner divinity and see that you are a part of this universe and a co-creator in your life and reality. Teal Swan has an excellent article on healing and working through trauma.

Manifestation is possible. When your manifesting comes to fruition it is amazing to watch and see how everything flows. This happened with my business. I got my Reiki certification in November, 2015, and was really trying to force a Reiki business but wasn’t clear on what I wanted or even what to do, and I didn’t think people really would want to come see me. Then, I was supported to go to massage school because I was told I have “a nice touch.” I scoffed at the idea and swore I was done with school (I have my bachelor’s degree and a paralegal certificate, so I didn’t want more school). On my way up to the mountains for my 30th birthday I saw 5 “Reiki Massage” businesses and thought that it was strange. Then I talked to people and they said they wished there was massage infused with Reiki. I immediately went online and found a program at Denver Integrative Massage school, and I was accepted a week later, and I started a week after that. Everything flowed beautifully. Then, I said out loud, “I want a cool internship where I can learn more Thai massage.” I drove to a store and next to that store was a Thai massage salon, so I called and just asked if they needed an intern. They said yes, interviewed me, and I got the internship. Then I said out loud, “I want a job with the Thai Healing Arts (my internship).” I emailed the owner and asked if they were hiring, and he wrote back and said I could start after I finished my hours. I finished my clinical hours in 2 months and took the job. After working there for a short time I said I want my own business in Arvada. I would sit down every night and imagine a cute little room with my mat and table where people would come to see me. I emailed a friend of mine I spoke to in February and told her then if she needed a sublet to let me know, and she said her previous sublet just left and she was getting ready to advertise for another but she said she would love it if it were me, and I opened up my business on August 2nd (1 month after officially receiving my license). I worked in that room for a time and then I emailed the landlord and said if there was a room that was opening up to let me know, he said he just had one become available and that I could take it, so I moved downstairs in January and here I am. I definitely took steps in creating my reality but it really was effortless and that’s how manifestation works. It’s not hard. It’s a process but a fun one. I couldn’t have put this together on my own; I co-created with the Universe, and it’s been amazing. You can to! It truly is about putting your mind to what it is you want and the rest will fall into place.

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