Healing through Meditation

Many of us have dealt with chronic pain at some point or another. Whether it was because of a car accident, a manifestation of pain through disease, or stress, we have personally experienced it or known someone who has. Why does chronic pain happen? Is chronic pain permanent? Can chronic pain be healed by the medicine we hold within ourselves? I’m not a doctor, but I can definitely vouch for myself in healing my knee pain, and my sister healed her herniated disc at her L5, S1 vertebrae.

Thoughts create our reality every single day. When you have the thought, “Oh it’s Monday. Mondays are never fun,” how does your Monday normally feel? Bad, right? Mondays can feel like they drag, you may get overwhelmed by an influx of meetings or extra work, and you may overall feel like you want to crawl back into bed and sleep until it’s Friday again. No one seems to like Mondays (or whatever day is the first day of the work week for you) because we have a collective thought and feeling of sadness when the weekend is over. Now, look at these thoughts over time through stress (“I hate my job,” “I’m not happy with my choices,” “I’m overwhelmed being a single parent,” etc.), pain and disease can start to take hold of your body. It may start as an ache in the neck for some and a full blown heart condition for others. As many of us know, cortisol, the stress hormone, causes an array of problems┬álike thyroid abnormalities, weight gain, skin problems, insomnia, decreased muscle and bone mass, and a weakened immune system. This starts with thoughts. Our thoughts create a reaction to stress. Our thoughts create that fight or flight state in a stressful situation. Meditation can help change those reactions to stress and even change our thoughts to be in a state of healing. Meditation is also a way to prevent stressors from entering the body. If you can prevent those stressors (stress hormones) from even entering the body then there is no physical or mental reaction to be had.

I write about the benefits of meditation in my blog, meditation and its power, and how it can change and calm the mind and body. I also write about the different types of meditation, intuitive and mindfulness. Either type of meditation works for healing; it’s what resonates best for you. In meditating and focusing your attention and awareness on healing, joy, and positivity you’re training your brain to be in a state of being, in which Dr. Joe Dispenza says the mind influences the body and the body influences the mind. So, meditating to be in a state of joy and health your influencing your body to manifest health and your body is calm, which influences your mind to let go of stressors.

There are wonderful guides to help you meditate on youtube–Dr. Joe Dispenza, Teal Swan, Lee Harris–and apps as well that have either guided meditations or simple music loops for meditation. The insight timer app is one I use daily and it’s free. There is no reason for you to feel badly. There is no use to having you feel sick. You can heal yourself. Think of the times you’ve gotten a cut and when you leave it alone it heals. That’s your body healing itself! It is intuitive. You can heal yourself, you just need to take the step and move out of the way and allow it to heal itself. As Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “You can’t feel bad enough to make anyone else’s life better.”

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