Harvest Moon

This week is a little more on the spiritual side. Spirituality doesn’t mean religion. Religion has dogma, is organized, and normally has a “head” or a leader (Pope, pastor, etc). Spirituality is a search for connectedness to Mother Earth, God (Spirit, The Universe, whatever you wish to call it), as well as our inner truths. For some, spirituality may mean attending church and being a part of a religion, for others it’s about finding their own path, their own meaning, their own divinity.

The moon cycles are very spiritual in and of themselves. For millennia women followed the moon cycles in accordance with menstrual cycles in order to connect with their divine feminine. They were celebrated and thought to have a powerful connection to the moon and it’s spiritual properties. The moon cycles┬áhave been found to have an effect on human behavior. Oftentimes people feel more lethargic around the full moon and more energized around the new moon.

The full moon, spiritually, is about releasing and letting go of that which no longer serves you. The full moon has a lot of energy and amplifies whatever feelings you may be having, so it is important to try to stay positive and even-keeled. The best way to maneuver the full moon is to meditate. Sit with all that you wish to let go. See yourself fill a basket with all of those things you wish to release, and then see yourself, an angel, a loved one (whatever works for you) take that basket to the moon and be absorbed into the moon’s light. See those things turn into light and go out into the universe to be used for good. Then see all that you wish to have shower on you. Feel yourself fill up with peace and joy. Breathe and accept all your blessings. After your meditation write down everything for which you are grateful. Seeing how much you have and being in a state of abundance and gratitude rather than lack and resentment automatically helps you feel better and prepares your body for all the blessings you have and will have (see my post on energy and intentions).

Whether you are religious, spiritual, agnostic, or atheist there is no denying that everything is energy and energy is everything. Releasing and letting go of things that no longer serve you raise your inner energies and help you feel better. Taking care of yourself through meditation, eating well, remembering the things for which you are grateful, massage, yoga, etc. are the best ways to stay present and connected to your entire being. It is so easy to check out and get on Facebook, read the news, and/or watch T.V. None of those things are “bad,” but they do make it difficult to be present and mindful of our needs and the needs of others. Instead of checking out, go back to your breath, get outside, or write down something you love about yourself or something you’re thankful you have. The media can be draining, but you have the power within yourself to uplift your energy and help yourself feel so much better. On this beautiful harvest moon, let go of negativity and accept your blessings.

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