Finding Your Inner Purity

I’m digressing a bit from the normal posts about massage. Instead, I want to discuss the idea of inner purity, our innate innocence, that inner divinity we all hold within us. It’s there but so often it’s been suppressed due to beliefs and values of family, of society, of religious groups, and even shaming from the aforementioned groups. How can we get that back? How do we recognize that inner divinity when we’ve been taught by family, society, and/or religions that we are separate, that we are “bad”, that we are “sinners”?

To regain that purity, we go within. Whether you want to call it a “gut feeling,” “intuition,” or even “common sense,” we all have that pull that leads us on the right path. The key is listening to that inner pull, that gut feeling. When we really listen, even if it sounds insane, we always end up right where we are meant to. When we go within and listen to that pull we have a sense of peace, a glimpse of that purity, a familiar look at that divinity. Going within can look like a lot of different things–meditation, walking out in nature, being with children (a wonderful way to feel that innocence we all crave), practicing yoga, listening to music, painting, yes, massage, reiki–whatever it is that calms your mind and brings your awareness to your inner self. When you get to that place, your inner self, then you can begin to heal any shame, you can heal your inner-child that may have been wounded by past guilts, and you can reclaim your purity.

I’m not saying that you have to completely let go of who you have become by doing this healing work because your past experiences have made you who you are (not to sound too cliche), but rather add this innocence, this purity to your being in order to grow and bring your energy to a lighter and higher place. In a state of purity, of innocence, you can begin to see life as a beautiful gift rather than a burden or a roller coaster you wish you didn’t have to ride. So many people walk through life in autopilot, getting through each day only to go to bed and do it again. Rather, Spirit, God, The Universe (whatever name you want to give that energy), wants you to experience life and truly LIVE it and not find it as some unhappy chore. Our existence is one that also teaches The Universe about our experiences as human beings, just as The Universe teaches us and reminds of our divinity and inner magic. There is no good or bad, no right or wrong. There are only experiences. Some are led by ego–we learn from those and try to come from a place of spirit (that inner voice that leads us to the light)–and some are led by spirit–we grow, and evolve, and enjoy those experiences and manifest more by our gratitude for these experiences. Getting back to our purity allows for more spirit-based experiences rather than ego-based experiences. The ego always seeks to be right, always seeks to win. The spirit seeks love and joy. When you feel love, joy, and gratitude you live in spirit, in purity.

This is definitely a journey and a learning experience. Some days this healing process of letting go and growing in purity comes easily. Other days it is hard and even sad (letting go of the past can stir up emotions and feelings that we have blocked) but that doesn’t mean give up. It is even more important to work through those days because then you will see and feel the growth into that purity. May we all grow and find that purity.

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