Expressing Truth

What is truth? I believe truth is perception. Everyone’s truth is different based on their current perception, therefor your own truth can evolve over time. For example, I used to be Catholic and believe that was the only truth. That Catholicism was the only way to be. Sure, I knew there was good in other people but I believed it was the TRUE religion. Now, however, I don’t believe there is one true religion. I don’t really consider myself to be a part of any religion but I pick from different belief systems and live a life of compassion, empathy, and authenticity. I don’t think it is necessary to have a religion to be a good person. Your own truth can even change day to day based on your emotional state. You could wake up one morning feeling cranky and not really know why. But, if you go within and question it, step outside, or talk to someone about your feelings that truth can change and shift.


How does one express their truth? At the core of all beings there is only one truth–love. So, how does one express love? Some express it by painting, some by writing, some by skateboarding, some by gardening, some by sports, some by yoga, etc. And then, there are layers within that love. Are you feeling reminiscent when expressing that love? Are you present and mindful when expressing it? Love has many facets. Truth, love, is truly about being authentic. When you are authentic, vulnerable, you are showing your raw humanity. This is the importance of shadow (or trauma) work because you will not feel comfortable or safe in your vulnerability and authenticity until you work through your trauma and heal old wounds. The more you do shadow work the more you are able to have your truth be expressed from an emotional state of calm, peace, joy, or gratitude because then you have more moments of truth that are of love rather than moments of fear.

If you go through a stressful experience you don’t really remember the details because that’s what stress does to our brains. For example, if you go through a divorce, bankruptcy, a death, etc. you don’t really remember exactly what was going through your mind because you were thinking thoughts of worry about things that would come to pass. Maybe some of these thoughts did manifest, but your truth was ever changing because of your perceptions from moment to moment in that situation. In the background of all of this there has always been a truth about you at the core, a drive within you that you wanted but maybe couldn’t pursue because of life’s circumstances. Eventually, when you got through these situations you were able to pursue what you wanted. This is another aspect of truth, another way love expresses itself. Maybe some of you have already started to pursue those dreams, maybe some feel that the dreams are dormant within you, but we all have those innate talents within us. Maybe we were told, “It’s impossible,” or “Your dreams are unrealistic,” yet there’s that nagging voice in your head pushing you to pursue those dreams. If truth is love then love can only express itself for your goodness so follow your truth. Express your truth, your love, in the way that suits you and only you.

Thanks to Amanda Gardiner of Intuitive Nature for her help and guidance in writing this blog.

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