Energy and Intentions

Have you ever had a thought, and within minutes or days that thought came to fruition? What was the energy behind the thought? If the thought was positive did you see a positive outcome, and likewise if the thought was on the negative side, was the outcome negative? Our thoughts are powerful. Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of Physics, Your Brain and Reality,¬†explains that thoughts have a connection to your health because the mind and the body are interconnected rather than being separate. If you are thinking about something that makes you happy your brain releases chemicals that help you feel good–oxytocin, for example–but if you are thinking on something negative then your brain releases things like cortisol, which induces fight or flight.

All day every day we are thinking; some things are positive and others not. Many times if you stop yourself to look at your thoughts you will be surprised to see how your body responds to those thoughts. If you’re driving and someone cuts you off and you think, “That person is a jerk.” How does your body respond? You may grip the steering wheel, frown, even feel the anger in your stomach. If you’re in a state of irritation, anger, and/or frustration throughout your day think about the toll that takes on your body. Eventually that anger can manifest into stomach problems or headaches. If you’re out and about with your child and your child holds your hand and says, “I love you!” What do you feel in your body? You may smile, you may feel your heart rate slow in response to that sweet profession, and you may even feel tears in your eyes. If you’re in a state of love, gratitude, or even neutrality, your body is at ease. The thoughts help calm the body.

Now, taking it a step further look at the intention behind your thoughts and/or energy throughout your day. If you think on the person who cut you off and your intention was to embarrass them, or honk, or yell at them to prove your ego’s right and theirs is wrong, the intention is inherently negative. This leads to harsher feelings and harsher thoughts, which causes harsher responses within your body. If you think on your child and the intention behind your response, which may be to reciprocate the child’s love, help the child feel secure, and/or be present with your child this leads to more positivity because the intention was pure. Energy and intention go hand-in-hand.

Looking at energy and intention from a self-healing standpoint is a great way to see affirmation and manifestation in action. The energy behind one’s journey to self-heal is monumental. A person must start re-wiring their brain to prepare their brain for the healing because the brain/mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and make-believe (Joe Dispenza). When one focuses on affirmations the brain starts making different connections in the neurological pathways, which actually releases negative belief systems. So, for example, if a person has chronic headaches and for years thought, “I’m stuck with this. This is just my reality,” and then one days says she’s had enough it’s not going to be an overnight change because that original thought became a belief. But, when she makes a daily affirmation of, “Today I am grateful my headaches are gone,” she is preparing her mind and body for when those headaches are gone because she is starting to rewire her brain, which changes the manifestations within the body. The intention behind this change is really the feeling. So when she says, “Today I’m grateful my headaches are gone,” she needs to focus on the feelings she will have when the headaches are gone as though it’s already happened. So in picturing the headaches gone she may want to focus on happiness she can go through a day worry-free or focus on gratitude because the headaches are gone. The feelings bring the affirmations into reality. The intention makes the affirmations possible.

In starting this journey of focusing on thoughts, energy, intention, etc. it’s vital to be consistent and even keep track of what you’re doing. Setting a reminder on your phone everyday at noon to check in on your thoughts and write them down is a helpful tool. When you wake up in the morning write down your affirmation for the day and the energy behind that affirmation, for example, “Today I will have 4 clients. I feel at peace helping others.” By doing this everyday and making it a ritual will help you rewire your brain and be empowered. You can create your own reality. The key is knowing and trusting that you can.

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