A dear friend of mine suggested I write about change and how to embrace it. I thought this was fitting since we’re coming into a new season, we’ve been in the throws of a new year, changes within society, and personal changes we all feel throughout the days, weeks, months, and years. This is going to be a little more raw, a little more personal, and way more to the point.

So, how do most of us view change? I’d say the majority of people view it as a negative and most are resistant to it because we are creatures of habit who become comfortable in our daily lives. If something comes along and “threatens” that way of living we immediately hide and cower from it. We fight it to the death. Sometimes we are successful in resisting change. However, some change is inevitable and we lose that fight. If we are completely against it, the shift into a new way of being is painful and difficult. If we realize it is inevitable and there is no stopping it and begin to go with the flow, the change is less shocking to the system.


So, how do we let go and embrace inevitable change? How do we come out of our comfort zones and accept the shifts happening within our lives or within the lives of our loved ones? I talked about changing perspective last week in my blog about time.┬áPerceptions of change, like time, vary from person to person. There are those who embrace change and allow the wind to carry them where it will, though I think people like this are a little more rare especially when we look at the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. We all like our routines and habits to be just so. When there is a shift that occurs we can start to feel anxious, angry, or even sad. The act of letting go can be more difficult. But letting go can be freeing, healing, and necessary to accept the changes we may be encountering. When you let go you’re stopping your brain and saying, “Hey, this is no longer necessary, let’s do something else.” Sometimes it takes one time to stop the brain and become conscious of our thoughts, while other times it takes way more than once. But, being aware of your thoughts and resistance to change puts you in a state of being in which you can start to ebb and flow and allow the shifts to carry you away. When you allow this you start to experience new things, you experience life in a different way, your perspective has shifted.

In last week’s blog I spoke about the seasons and how we want to move from one season to the next, or not allow the next season to come into our reality because we’re happy where we are. For me, this is Fall. Fall is my absolute favorite season. I enjoy the leaves changing to their brilliant colors. The changes in the temperatures in the mornings and evenings–there’s a crispness to the air, a slight chill. The pumpkins. Though, come November when the trees become more bare, the chances for snow increases, the stress of the holidays come upon the country (literally!), I begin to resist the inevitable change into winter. I start to dread the long winter nights, the cold, driving in snow, you get the gist. But, I come back to the knowledge that winter is temporary. It comes and goes as always. Some winters are more mild than others, and I’m grateful for that. It’s fun to look at my son and see the wonderment in his eyes as the snow drifts down and all he wants to do is play in it–build snowmen and throw snowballs at me. It’s a great reminder to look at children and see how they (usually) accept change with a carefree heart. Sometimes they dislike it but overall they live in the moment and take things as they come. Life is more wonder than anxiety when change begins to take place. They accept it and simply stay in their state of being. As long as they have those they love around them, the change is bearable.


So too must we live in the moment. Like children, we need to accept that some change is inevitable but we’re always okay. Anyone reading this blog right now is going through some sort of change–minor and/or major–but you’re still here, you’re still alive, and you’re okay. Change happens. It doesn’t have to be a negative thing. It’s an inevitable occurrence that can take us by storm or can take us for a fun ride.

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