CBD and Massage, A Love Story

Last week I gave information on the benefits and effects of CBD, so this week I want to go further on how CBD oil can be useful in a massage since I grazed the surface on this subject last time. As a reminder, CBD is the botanical extract of the hemp plant and is non-psychotropic, meaning one does not feel a “high” from CBD that one would from using THC.

Many people use massage therapy to manage pain and stress. Massage is a wonderful way to relax the mind and the body. It also can help lower blood pressure (because a person feels relaxed), improve circulation, stimulate muscle relaxation, improve posture, and stimulate the immune system. Whether it’s Thai massage (lazy man’s yoga) or therapeutic massage (massage performed on a table) there are benefits to the mind and body. Massage is also a way to feel safe when receiving it to help alleviate pain. Your massage therapist is there as a support¬†system when you are feeling pain or any other emotion that may come to service. There is no judgment, just support and healing. In having this “safe space” it can be easier to let go of that pain your body may hold onto because your mind is finally aware that you are not judged and that you are worthy of feeling good.

CBD oil is a tool I use in my practice to further manage stress and pain as well as create that feeling of safety. CBD helps relieve inflammation, relaxes the muscles, and can “uplift” depression. Research is being conducted to show it is an effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory. CBD has been found to speed the healing of connective tissue furthering the effects of pain relief. If connective tissue is healing, then pain will cease.¬† Using CBD oil during a therapeutic massage (and even in a Thai massage on the neck area) can further facilitate pain relief because sometimes massage can feel intense, but CBD can assist in your muscles relaxing and your nervous system calming in order for your muscles to really move and your body to accept the pain-relieving benefits of the massage. Instead of your body tensing, which can cause more pain, your body can relax.

There’s not yet any research on CBD and massage used together, but based on my personal observations and experience I have seen improvement with pain and tension and clients tell me they love the effects and feel better when the two are married. In looking at the pain-relieving benefits of massage and the extensive benefits of CBD the two really go hand-in-hand.

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